· By Isabella Neira

Unedited Midnight Thoughts

I like to think of NATIVO as a way of life more than products you put on your skin.

I like to think that every person that uses NATIVO is trying to better themselves, to pursue a cleaner, purer & minimalistic life where you only need a few things to pamper your body and soul.

I like to think that my products embody that desire & belief that less is more... To use my products is to pursue that notion that you only need less. That the things you put on your skin have less ingredients but are as powerful, if not more, than those that have countless & complicated ingredients. To know that in life you should surround yourself with LIGHT and LOVE, including in the products you use.

I make NATIVO with my hands and love...that's it.

Pure ingredients & pure love, for LOVE is what's most important to give & receive.




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