Is everything that you make organic?

99% of our formulations use food grade, certified organic ingredients. Our ingredients range from herbs, oils, butters to clays, minerals, sugars and salts. 

We do use some non-certified organic ingredients, mainly those we source in Panama, like sugar, coffee, honey and beeswax. 

You can always check in all our labels which ingredients are certified organic and/or unrefined using the following legend: * Certified Organic , † Virgin - unrefined

What is the difference between natural and organic?

In very simple terms, I explain this with an avocado seed. If you have an avocado plant, it is natural right? It is a plant, it is not synthetic and comes from Mother Earth.

If that seed is genetically modified, you plant it in “dirty” soil full of chemicals, and you grow it using chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, then it is NOT organic. It still is natural, because it is a plant, but since it has been grown with all those toxic chemicals, then it is not considered organic. When you eat that avocado, or extract its oil (which can be done with toxic processes), those toxic chemical are already a part of it and will enter into your body.

Now, if that avocado seed is not genetically modified and you plant it in “clean” soil with no chemicals and to grow it you use natural fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides like manure, bokashi or compost, then it is Organic. When all these conditions have been tested and validated by a certifying agent, then it is Certified Organic. This ensures that the avocado plant has no toxic chemicals and when you eat it or use its oil, your body won’t absorb anything toxic.

I could explain further into the realm of skincare, but I believe everyone should do their own research and decide what is better for you, those you love, and the Earth. The best thing you can do FOR YOUR HEALTH + BEAUTY is to educate yourself. Research on your own and read labels. Make sure you know all the ingredients in the ingredient list, if you don’t know, RESEARCH before purchasing and ASK questions!

Are your products Vegan / Cruelty Free?

We do use beeswax in our Coconut, Rose, Spearmint and Lavender Lip Balms and honey in our Coffee Body Scrub and Honey Body Scrub. The rest of our product line in 100% plant based / vegan. We don't do animal testing ever and maintain cruelty free practices, which are very important to us. Check out our #vegan tag for all plant based items.

Are your products safe for expectant mothers + babies?

YES YES YES! We don't have specific products blended for babies or expectant mothers yet (I firmly believe I should experience motherhood first), but 98% of our line is safe to use for mom and baby. I particularly recommend the BODY BUTTER to prevent and aid with smoothing / soothing stretch marks + the GROUND BODY OIL for it's relaxing, soothing blend as a baby and mama oil.

None of our products contain the following essential oils which you should avoid if pregnant and/or breastfeeding: Aniseseed, Anise star, Basil, Birch, Camphor, Cassia, Cinnamon, Clove, Cumin, Fennel,  Hyssop, Mugwort, Mustard, Oregano, Parsley, Pennyroyal, Sage, Sassafras, Savoury, Sweet Birch, Tansy, Tarragon, Thuja, Thyme,  Wintergreen, Wormwood.

Make sure to check out our #baby&me tag for all products safe for you an your baby. Of course, if you have any questions regarding a specific product, please let us know at hola(at)nativoskincare.com

Can I eat your products? 

We pride ourselves in formulating with food-grade ingredients, which means that each individual component in our formulas is in fact safe to eat. Having said that, we don't recommend actually eating our products. 

Our products are meant to be used topically, not ingested. Think of it as, the same way as you wouldn't apply a delicious hot sauce on your skin because it might cause a bad reaction, you should NEVER EAT a product that was formulated specifically to be applied on your skin. Even though each ingredient used is edible and the formulation might be in fact safe to eat, it will not sit well on your stomach. In the short term, you might get stomach ache among other digestive reactions plus it probably won't taste good. 

Also, essential oils are powerful highly concentrated ingredients and as with any medicine, conventional or natural, dosage is important. Our essential oils are certified organic but our dosage and dilutions are for topical applications, not to be taken internally. A 1 fl.oz bottle of ELIXIR will last about a month when applied twice a day. A 1 fl.oz of liquid is roughly the same amount liquid poured in a shot glass, my point being that it would take only a couple of seconds to drink.  PLEASE DON'T! Dosage is key in successful and safe use of essential oils!

Essential oils should only be taken internally under the supervision of a certified professional. The potential hazards of an essential oil depend on the compounds in the oil, method of application, dosage and frequency. It might even depend on the condition of the user. Essential oils are so concentrated that it is very easy to overdose with them and damage tissues. A very dangerous concern is damaging the liver, kidneys or nervous system. So please be mindful and wise with your use of essential oils.  

If your baby or kids end up licking, drinking or eating a bit of your favorite NATIVO product, as long as it was a small quantity, it should be ok. Contact your pediatrician and keep and eye on them afterwards, they might experience some stomach aches or other digestive reactions.  Rest assured, we don't use any toxic or potentially toxic essential oils in our formulations plus we dilute our essential oils for safety and for visible results.

The only non-food grade ingredient we use is organic liquid castile soap... you should never eat soap!  


Which are your bestsellers?

Our top #5 bestsellers are, in order: Elixir, Underarm Potion, Face Oil, Face Wash, Ground Body Oil 

I'd like to know more about a specific product.

Please refer to the individual FAQ pages for each product: 


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