It is so greasy! I want to wash with soap before drying my face with a towel!
I'm very honest and I always explain, even if it seems counterproductive, that this is a product you’ll hate at first but then you’ll fall in love. It is a marriage between an oil cleanser, a cleansing milk, and a cream. For those that aren't used to cleansing / removing makeup with oils, it can be a challenge at first. Specially if you have oily skin, due to the misconceptions that you are not supposed to moisturize oily skin with oils.

I’m going to ask you a favor and give you a challenge: Please don't give up, use it at least 2 weeks before deciding it is not for you! The Face Wash is loved by many, it is in our top 5 bestsellers, and to those I’ve given this challenge end up writing me back saying I was right ;) After 2 weeks, 3 things will happen:

  1. You’ll get used to the texture and feel when cleansing / removing makeup with it
  2. You’ll see the results the Face Wash promises, including for oily skin
  3. You’ll fall in love with it, I hope!

How do I use it?
Wet your face with water. Pump a small amount and rub it between the palm of your hands. Massage gently onto face, eyelids, neck, and decolletage if desired. When you are ready, rinse with water until it runs clear. You’ll still feel your skin oily and that is the desired intention...don't use soap! Just dry off with a soft, clean towel. You’ll see your skin is no longer oily, it will be moisturized and toned. Use morning and nights.

If you are wearing a lot of makeup, I recommend not to wet your face first. Just apply the Face Wash directly onto skin and massage to remove all makeup. Be careful with the eye area as it can sting a little if you get it into your eyes.

The Face Wash is not coming out the pump, what do I do?
Since it contains shea butter, if you keep the Face Wash in colder temperatures it is possible it will harden and won't be able to go through the pump’s tube. Always keep it at room temperature and don't worry if it hardens, once it goes back to its ideal temperature, it will come out the pump as intended.

Hack: If you can’t wait and need to use it ASAP, place it in a cup of boiling water for a few seconds to bring it back to the desired consistency. Shake the bottle and ready to use!

It smells a bit funny, why?
Shea butter is an amazing ingredient with incredible healing properties, but unfortunately it has a not so pleasant scent. We add organic essential oils to the Face Wash blend but not enough to 100% counter this oh so peculiar aroma.