Nativo Skincare


We believe that beauty and the pleasures of vanity can go hand-in-hand with living a non-toxic lifestyle. Our ingredients are carefully selected to evoke an atmosphere of self awareness and bodily allure. The formulations are designed to capture Nature’s power as a means to kindle physical and spiritual transformation. 

We encourage the pursuit for cleaner and less wasteful way of life. To enhance your life with less, not more. An awareness that grows naturally when you exclusively acquire the essentials to pamper your body and soul.  

Founded by Isabella Neira in 2014 in Panama City, Panama. She continues to formulate every single product and blend every single batch for it is what brings her the most pleasure and raison d'être.

From my hands to yours



To ensure the purest, unadulterated, non contaminated sources of nourishment, we only use certified organic food-grade ingredients in our formulations. No artificial or synthetic components are ever part of our blends. All of our oils are unrefined and extracted using cold-pressed or steam distillation methods to assure their quality and purity.


Each ingredient is added for its therapeutic properties as active ingredients for extremely potent and high performing products. Our products and ingredients are never tested on animals and we make sure they have fair trade origins.

Packed in reusable, recyclable packaging.