Will the Underarm Potion work for me?
The Underarm Potion has worked in every person that has tried it in Panama, a tropical, incredibly humid country and with average temperatures of 26 C (79 F) in the colder months and 29 C (83 F) in the hottest. I've had customers taken it to African safaris and among the heat and scary lions, it still left them odor-free. It is very posible it will work for you as well, but every body and skin is different so I can't be 100% sure until you try it.   

Does it contain aluminum? 
No it doesn't contain aluminum and I would never add it in any of our products! 

Is it anti-transpirant / does it stop me from sweating?
No, the body needs to sweat. Through sweat, the body is able to get rid of the toxins in our system and it is important to let it do it + help it fulfill this is important mission. 

I started using the UNDERARM POTION and I still smell a bit funky! What do I do?
Like any detox, there is always a stage where you feel / look “really bad” before you feel / look amazing! If you are going from using conventional deodorants (full of chemicals and aluminum) to using the Underarm Potion, you will go through that stage since you are detoxifying your body. It is very possible that for the first week or two, the Underarm Potion won’t last you all day and you must reapply.

What I recommend is that you carry it in your purse or pocket the first few weeks. When you realize you are smelling a bit funky, reapply to deodorize and for it to last longer. It is not necessary to wash up before reapplying and let's be honest, sometimes there’s no restrooms around you! Don't worry, the Underarm Potion deodorizes completely when applied on top of the funky smell ;) Do this the first weeks and when you realize you last all day without reapplying, you can go ahead and leave it at home.

The Underarm Potion irritated my skin, why?
It is possible you are allergic to baking soda and this is what is causes redness in very sensitive skins. Also if you use synthetic fabrics very tight to the underarm area, with sweat and friction, you might get a bit irritated but this has nothing to do with the Underarm Potion. Please stop use if irritation continues.