Nativo Face Oil

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feeling the love

First off - the aroma - SO delicious! Not overwhelming, just perfect. My face feels fresh, moist and the dry patches I had are gone. The oil absorbs and blends into my skin, leaving it soft and clean. Not oily at all.

Absolutely in love with this product! I finally feel I'm giving my skin the special treatment it deserves with these natural products and am feeling the appreciation back <3

- Paola

I love Nativo's products. I notice such a difference in my skin when I use them regularly.

The Face oil hydrates amazingly without causing breakouts.

I will continue to be a loyal customer even living outside of Panamá.

- Molly P.

IMPRESSIVE! The change is almost instantaneously, I'm using The Face Oil it in combination with The Elixir. Having acne prone skin and a lot of marks I need to say, it is by far the best combo I've ever tried. My skin looks and feels smooth plus the acne marks and blemishes are fading. I wear less makeup since I began using these products. I am sincerely thankful for doing the things well.

- Kathyuska N.

Tengo una piel sensible con tendencia acnéica y todo me genera algún tipo de reacción. La combinación de el Elixir y Face Oil fue aceptada estupendamente por mi piel, y han sanado mis marquitas de acné. 10/10

- Ginella F.

Tengo la piel muy grasosa y nunca pensé que un aceite me ayudaría tanto.

Con pocas semanas de uso ya noto la diferencia - menos imperfecciones, la piel menos grasosa y más radiante. 100% recomendado

- Susana F.

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